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I have always had an over active imagination and was a nerd before I knew what the word meant.   As a kid, I loved old monster movies with Bela Lugosi as Dracula, the Wolfman, zombies and all manner of creepy things. The next best thing to monsters was science fiction. Television was my window to the Twilight Zone, Outer limits and the ultimate science fiction show, Star Trek. No one could top Spock for utter coolness.

“I don’t feel there’s any reason to apologize for having a wicked imagination. I think it is important as a maker of fantasy and of horror. “Clive Barker

I dabbled with writing during College, some short stories mostly mainstream stuff. My sister recommended that I try screenplays. Screenwriting was a perfect match for my writing style. I did well in a few competitions and gravitated toward horror, completing my vampire feature, Beloved Acolyte.  My script readers loved the characters and suggested a novel.

Hollywood is a tough nut to crack for a screenwriter.I took their advice converting my screenplay into the novel, Shadow of Life.  It is the story of a four thousand year old vampire, Nadira, born a princess, captured during the Crusades, rising to the pinnacle of the business world and constantly struggling to maintain her humanity. Her journey through time is our journey, searching for identify, acceptance and love.

Release date fall 2015.