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December is the month of hustle, bustle and prepping for the big day, Christmas. A month filled with all the things that make it a wondrous season: family gatherings, shopping for presents, and hauling the Christmas tree home. It is wonderful and stressful, a roller coaster ride of festive cheer. So drink some more eggnog, wrap some presents and watch A Christmas story for the twentieth time.

However, for an author who has promised her book would be published before Christmas, it is a blur of emails, meetings with editors, cover design, interior formats, decisions, decisions and more decisions. Your doubts multiple exponentially and you question every decision. Is my cover too subtle all the other paranormal romances have half-naked men on them? Should the paper be white or cream, petal pink wasn’t available. Fortunately, my team pulled off the Christmas miracle and we published Shadow of Life on December 15th   a full ten days before the holiday.

So pull up your favorite chair, turn up the Christmas music and enjoy the book. Merry Christmas to y’all and to all a goodnight.

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