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Recently, a reader asked me if my goal was to become a best-selling author, become rich and famous. My first goal was to complete the book, having a best seller would be nice but my objective is less lofty and much harder to achieve. My brain is a warehouse of potential stories all jostling to escape their prison. I put pen to paper to free these ideas and breathe life into a host of characters. I want to connect with my readers, touch both their hearts and minds with words. Simply said, I just wanted to write a good book.

I measure my success since the release of Shadow of Life not by the number of books sold, but rather from the reviews from readers on Amazon and Goodreads. According to their comments, I wrote a good book. Thanks to all who have shared their comments.

Best vampire book I have read to date!!

Fans of Anne Rice will feel right at home in this world!

Great plot and story line, and I grew rather attached to the characters; the story developed at a good pace and had a nice flow to it.

There are twists and turns throughout and I had difficulty putting the book down.

A vampire book worth reading!

The love relationship between Nadira and Gregor is romantic and sexy.

This was a well-written epic tale with a lot of historical references. Almost impossible to put down!

I want to read it again!

Jam packed filled with action throughout the entire book, keeping you on the edge of your seat and always wondering what awesome things are going to come next!