All posts for the month August, 2016

I watch my neighbor mow his grass in the ninety degree heat. The southern sun shows no mercy as  sweat trickles down his brow. I have a healthy respect for the Summer Sun both the dangers and pleasures it brings to us.


I brush the perspiration from my chin, the excess trickles down my neck and pools between my breasts.

A summer orchestra of cicadas, heat pumps and ice-cream trucks lulls me into a stupor.

The neon Georgia sun threatens to fry my retinas so I slip on my Ray Bans.

Sunbathers jockey around the pool making deposits on their dermatologists’ mortgages.

The aquamarine water promises cool caresses beneath the soft undulating surface.

I resist the temptation, vegetate on my lounger, then smile languidly at my lover and tease;” I bet we could fry an egg on the sidewalk.”

Summer struggles to maintain its hold on us, but kids are returning to school, the mornings are cooler and the calendar marches toward Autumn. As the season winds down take your last vacation days, do another lap around the pool and enjoy the last of the blistering heat.